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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  June 23, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta van susteren standing by to go on the record. >> greta: tonight, only here, both of arizona's united states senators john mccain and jon kyl go on the record. the day is packed with huge headlines. right now general mcchrystal is on his way to washington for an oval office meeting with president obama. in a new rolling stone article the general and his aides shred the president and several top administrations -- several top officials in the obama administration. senator kyl, senator mccain nice to see you both. the news is that general mcchrystal is on a plane scheduled to land 4 a.m. eastern here in washington. your thoughts on today's news? >> i'm saddened and concerned. i'm saddened because i have a great admiration and respect for general mcchrystal who is a wonderful leader. and i'm sorry that he finds
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himself in this situation. but, obviously, those words were not only unfortunate, but inappropriate. i'm concerned that if general mcchrystal has to resign, and he may, that what happens to the in the middle of a very crucial time in afghanistan. as you note the kandahar offensive is just beginning -- as you know, the kandahar offensive is just beginning, losing a lead time would be unfortunate. i respect the president's decision as commander in chief on this situation. >> greta: we are hearing reports that there is speculation maybe by the time we hit air tonight he will have resigned. if he doesn't resign, should he be fired? >> i think that's a decision that the president makes as commander in chief. as i say his remarks were unfortunate. he also has a back ground of outstanding service to the country. so, i really can't say as to
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what the president should do. >> >> greta: senator kyl? >> i agree. i just hope when this is resolved and i suspect it will be resolved quickly, we'll get back to the business of trying to win the war in a more unified way than apparently we are doing right now. we all need to be pulling to the on this. that means the folks in the field, commanders, the president, the people in the congress. it has been a bipartisan effort and i hope we can return it to that >> the president has stated and continues to repeat we'll be leaving in the middle of next year. we cannot win if our enemies are emboldened by the knowledge that we are leaving no matter what and our friends are discouraged. a lot of karzai's behavior has to do with his belief we may be leaving and he may have to be there to accommodate our friends. there are beginning to wonder and our enemies are encouraged. the president needs to say
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unequivocally, that it is based on conditions, which is based on conditions and nothing else not on an artificial date. >> greta: what do we do now? we have a new general in charge, how do we regroup? the people in afghanistan are going to hear this our enemies are going to hear this. this is out there that general mcchrystal has said pointed things about the president. even saying when he met with him it felt like a photo-op. >> that's why i said we have to reunify on this. part of the reunifying is around a common goal, success is not defined by a date it is defined by circumstances on the ground. senator mccain is correct as he was in the time of the iraq war when he called for the surge. we cannot afford to have an arbitrary date that friends and enemies view as a certainty we are going to be leaving and they make their
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accommodations. >> greta: the search seemed to be successful in iraq. now in the month of june we've had more than 1,000 american deaths in afghanistan. now the war has lasted longer than the vietnam war. what is it going to take to win? >> i think the strategy is correct. i worry about the diplomatic side. i worry about the relationship between our military leaders and our embassy. i worry about the special envoy, ambassador holbrooke and what role he plays in and out. i don't see as much of a concerted team effort as we had in iraq between general petraeus and ambassador crocker and others. i have not seen that yet. i have great confidence in our military leadership, no matter what it is and the men and women who are doing the fighting. but, i'm very worried about the diplomatic side of this
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whole situation. >> greta: how do we rehabilitate it? of course we share your worry this is rather a frightening thing to discover today that there has been this dissention between general mcchrystal and the president and there's some level of belittleing of the president. maybe the president doesn't have the authority, i don't know what the situation is, we have to rehabilitate the situation how do we do that? >> the president sets the gels. the president agrees to the strategy and helps devise the strategy. then you get sufficient personnel, equipment and individuals both military and civilian in place in order to ensure success. that also requires cooperation and help from our allies. we can put a team in place. there are many talented people that can serve this country in an outstanding fashion. but they have to have the right direction and the right commitment from the very top
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and that means, we will not withdraw until we succeed. >> greta: senator kyl how do you get the confidence of the american people? we've got to send a message on the ground in afghanistan. the american people and some are queasy on whether we should remain in afghanistan or leave. how do you regain the confidence of the american people that we should stay ing you believe we should stay? >> it seems they have to be age to answer the question, is it worth it for another american to die? they have to be able to say there are circumstances in which for the sake of our country it is worth it. if they can say that, then support begins to erode rapidly that's the problem with the uncertain trumpet that has been sounded by the automatic withdrawal date. if the president were to come out and say, no i always intended that to be the beginning, to be dictated by circumstances on the ground we will not leave until we've achieved our mission, then i
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think the american people will not only rally behind the president the troops will know what they are fighting for and our allies will perhaps stand an little taller with us. our enemies are going to have to account for the fact they can't just wait us out. the folks in the region will perhaps stop making accommodations with everybody else in the region figuring we are going to be gone one day. >> greta: what is our goal? when the bombing started october 7th, 2001 we had a specific goal. we pushed al-qaeda into pakistan that's what i read. what is our goal now? >> very simple, to make sure that afghanistan is never used as a base for taxes on the united states and our allies again. that requires a stable government, control of the country and prague towards democracy the same thing -- and progress towards democracy. the same thing we are seeing in iraq.
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>> greta: in iraq hit some form of government. that was not so remotely dissimilar from our own. afghanistan is a tribal area where they have different tribes and different families. >> i say with respect you forget that nobody believed that maliki was anything butterably week we had incredible sectarian violence on a level we don't have in afghanistan between sunni and shia. we had divisions on the kurdish border. we the iranians playing, sending in the most lethal ied's. so there was open ethnic strive in iraq when we started this the surge. there's not that in afghanistan. yes, there are problems with ethnic divisions, but that doesn't mean that effective government that really works for the people, without corruption, wouldn't be supported by every ethnic group. >> greta: what does the government look like?
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>> karzai government. they've got a functioning parliamentary body. but, they've got to make progress against corruption. he's got to show strong leadership. and we have to help build the iraqi army and police that's very tough. >> regional-based and to some extent tribal-based we are trying to help him create a stronger central government. there will be undoubtedly a strong regional and local component here too. perhaps a little more than iraq, which is a more developed country. i totally agree with senator mccain. it can be done. but it won't be done as long as people see an artificial date, which causes them to have to plan for what happens the day after that day. >> counter insurgency strategy works. each country and area is dining room. iraq is different from afghanistan. fundamental principles written by david petraeus apply in any
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counterinsurge you have to taylor particular situation. again -- you have to taylor it to a particular situation. corruption is a big problem. progress has to be made in that area. i would point out that the afghan army that we have are excellent fighters. we just need a much bigger one. >> greta: do we have to worry about morale and our military in light of this explosive information today? >> i don't think so. i think that our military is so professional and well trained, i think they all admire and respect general mcchrystal, as i do. i think overall, i think they understand the mission is greater than the individual. but, there's no doubt that he is an outstanding leader. if the president decides that he's not the right person, then we're gonna have to find the right person to lead. >> greta: next, what happened
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>> greta: continuing can arizona senators mccain and kyl. what happened between senator kyl and president obama? news think week the one-on-one that you had with president obama, what happened? >> i'm not trying to make a big deal out of it. he told me what told me and i accept that he said people on his side believed that if we secure the border then people on i think his words were you guys, meaning republicans, would be less likely to support comprehensive immigration reform. that's why they weren't supportive of it. i said well i think we have an
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obligation, both you and we to secure the border. irrespective of comprehensive immigration reform. if we do secure the border you are more likely to get comprehensive reform. i was asked why i thought they took the position they did? i said one problem is this and i articulated it. >> greta: is there any indication there would be bipartisan work on immigration reform? >> well there can always be bipartisan work on immigration reform. but it is very clear that the border is not secure. it can be made secure without comprehensive reform, all we need is some additional appropriation for the additional troops and fencing and jail space and so on and we can secure the border. once the border is secure, i think there will be a much more open mind to think about the different pieces that might form a comprehensive immigration bill.
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until it is secure, i don't think political conditions are there. >> greta: i used the term war tossed around when we've taken trips down to the border in that area we've been to mexico with secretary of state clinton on one of these issues. how bad is it senator mccain? >> it is bad, in this respect. that there are certain areas of the border that we've made great progress. the yuma sector, san diego, parts of texas. in the other ways, that you really hard to put numbers to, it is really gotten worse, because of the rise, the dramatic increase in the violence south of our border. the increased effectiveness and murderous barbaric behavior by)n these drug cartels. the fact cartels and smugglers are working together. the violence going on which is an existential threat to the government of the mexico has increased, raise the stakes
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dramatically in our require to get our border secure. we have a 10 point plan, john and i, surveillance people and the fencing completed and replaced where it needs to be and we can secure the border. >> greta: one of my colleagues had a report today that members of the drug cartels are actually in arizona, and they have staging grounds doing surveillance on the border and to help drugs and anything else to come through the state. do you have -- have you heard anything like that? are there drug cartel people stationed in the united states? >> yes, what people need to realize is what the terrain is like in the southern part of the state. there are a lot of little mountains and a lot of valleys. i have been told on several occasions by border patrol that yes, the drug cartels put people on top of these mountains -- by the way part of this is on indian reservation which the tribe
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doesn't want a lot of border patrol or other people running around the reservation so they don't like to have the government people stationed anywhere. but the drug people are able to find spots where they can hideout. both just south of the bordered. senator mccain and i would there saturday. border patrol pointed out there's a hill the cartel guys are up there now watching. what they figure out is where is the border patrol? when they leave now it is safe to take our load through. they have sophisticated radio equipment in supply and they have the very best. their equipment is as good as ours, as the border patrol's. >> greta: what do the senators think about their governor? is she going too far? what do the two senators have to say about president obama's threat to sue arizona? plus rush limbaugh has power, money and influence. apparently he can't get the one thing he really wants. we'll have
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>> greta: more with arizona sewn fors john mccain and jon kyl. why can't you get that border secured? the president said they've spent all this money, -- what is the problem? >> two told. one of will to see it through. you can conduct a war, you can be fighting a war but not effectively. you can spend a lot of money but not deploy -- >> greta: is that what is happening here? >> yes, i think so. second is the problem of resources. relatively small amount of resources i think we can achieve what we need. >> greta: president obama has the ultimate authority. what happens when you tell him? >> as a moment of the judiciary committee we have asked both attorney general
1:22 am
holder and homeland security secretary napolitano for the plan to do what we just talked about. how much will it cost? what do we need do? for a year and a half we didn't get the information. we passed a law saying we wanted the information by december 27th, of last year. we still await that information from these two government departments. >> greta: what do they say when you call and say where is it? especially with homeland security secretary napolitano, she used to be your governor? >> they are waiting to get from it the attorney general's office. >> who is waiting to get from it the department of homeland security. who is waiting to get from it white house. who is waiting. there's another point here. the deputy head of the border patrol said the area down near our board like a third world our citizens should not be condemned to living in an area of the united states of america that's "like a third world country." unprotected. there are signs up, the next
1:23 am
time you hear someone say the border is more secure whatever that means. why does the government have to put up signs that i think you took pictures of that says "warning this is a drug smuggling and human smuggling area, be careful. "et cetera, put up by the government. >> greta: north of the border route 8. >> south of route 8. north of our border. you can understand why people who live there would feel this insecurity which is translated, when the rancher was murdered, into anger. john and i sat -- saturday were there people are angry we watched people with tears in their eyes talking the situation. it is very moving. >> greta: do you get a chance to talk to president obama about this? i realize you have secretary napolitano and attorney general holder going back and forth. what about president obama?
1:24 am
>> john was with him recently. >> i think there's a view that they want to do it through the mechanism of comprehensive reform. politically comprehensive reform isn't going to happen any time soon, certainly not until the board secure. so in effect they set up an impact condition. they will say we are still putting resources against this, we are trying. our argument is we understand what needs to be done. you need to employ those resources smartly the way that the people on the border believe they should be employed if you do that we can secure the border. it is not going done now. >> greta: the frustration of the american people we listen and know the border is insecure we've heard that over and over. some of us have seen the signs where it says beware. some of us have read about the horrible violence. heard about people being stuffed in trucks and boiling to death in the heat. then we sit and the people we send to washington, work this out! help us! how do we get everyone to work
1:25 am
this out for us? >> it is a matter of federal policy. the president saying to the director of homeland secure taken the attorney general get it secure. how much money do you need? maybe a couple billion dollars. that's probably all that is necessary. look at where it has worked, san diego, del rio, texas, yuma, arizona do the same in the tucson sector. >> greta: how is governor brewer doing? >> fine standing up for our state. that brings up the issue that we found out on ecuadorian television about the fact that the attorney general is going to bring suit against the state of arizona. i watch ecuadorian television a lot i must have missed that one. rather than notify the governor of arizona, which is a courtesy that i think should have been extended to her, we find out on ecuadorian television. apparently, the suit is going to be about whether the state of arizona has the
1:26 am
jurisdiction over this issue or not. the state of arizona never would have acted if it hadn't been for their frustration over the lack of the federal government carrying out its responsibilities. >> greta: of course you got the boycotts. >> hopefully, people have calmed down a little bit and realized if you call for a boycott on business -- doing business in arizona you are probably going to hurt the very folks that you would like to try to help. these are folks that are at middle income at best who have jobs in our tourism industry, construction. they are the ones that would be hurt by a boycott. that make nose sense. by the way, i wish -- that makes no sense. by the way, i wish those people who talk about a boycott would read the arizona law. >> greta: senators thank you. we'll post our entire interview on >> next what is going to happen with general mcchrystal? our colleague jennifer griffin
1:27 am
is next. >> what just happened to governor palin's candidate?
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>> greta: he's in the air right now. in less than six hours general mcchrystal's flight touches down in washington. president obama has ordered him to the oval office. what happens now? joining us live national security correspondent jennifer griffin. to bring the viewers up-to-date this is an article in the rolling stone that exploded? >> it came out last night. it was delivered to the president late last night. that's when things started to roll. as you said, general mcchrystal was ordered back to washington he should be landing about in the morning eastern time -- about 4:00 in the morning eastern time. >> greta: what sparked so much interest? >> this journalist was
1:31 am
embedded with him for a month. he had access he had to see everything for a month. a lot of what was said by the aides was offensive. it was criticizing everyone from richard holbrooke the special envoy to vice president biden. there was a lot of crass talk. it was locker room talk at its worst. >> greta: did general mcchrystal, was he quoted in the article as saying anything about the president or anybody else? >> i think what gets mixed up is that he was quoted as criticizing mostly european diplomats. he has a role as nato chief as head of the nato mission. so he had to meet with french diplomats. he had undiplomatic words. he was using the f-word here and there his aides were using it all over the place regarding vice president biden. the overall atmosphere it looks like animal house, like
1:32 am
a fraternity. it is going to be very hard for him to recover from this. >> greta: what is he like? >> i met with him a lot before he headed out to afghanistan. he is somebody who most people don't know this, but he was one of the key components to basically turning the war around in iraq. he was the one who led the effort to target and kill people like abu musab al-zarqawi he was he led black operations for five years. he was the quiet ranger in charge of a lot of some of the most spectacular successes in the war. he also was associated -- his maim was associated with the pat tillman affair. >> greta: on the bad side not the good side. sort of looking the other way and trying to keep it quiet as to how pat tillman died. >> right. many thought he wouldn't be confirmed for this position as a result. i must say he's known as a war
1:33 am
fighter's warrior. he's know tick. as soon as he out to afghanistan he ordered them to stop drinking there were a lot of bars open in kabul, he ordered no more drinking he tells his aides to sleep faster. he sleeps four hours a night. he's somebody who takes this job seriously. he brought a lot of wide -- he consulted with a wide range of people with long experience in afghanistan before going over there. he's not someone who takes his job lightly. unfortunately this article makes him come across -- >> greta: it makes him look disrespectful of civilian leadership. if he didn't agree there were other things to do to create this culture among him and his aides there has to be some sort of discipline we are a civilian-led military. >> i think that's the key. that is probably why president obama will have to accept his resignation if he brings it tomorrow. >> greta: if he does resign or if the president does fire him is there somebody waiting?
1:34 am
>> there are a number of names. general mattis ma general, not -- marine general, not necessary sure he's going to get it. john allen is being thought of. general rodriguez who is already out there, >> greta: does anybody want it? in light of the way the war is going it looks grim report reports do they want this job? >> i think any general, any warrior wants to take a situation they always believe they can turn it around. i think is looking particularly messy now but i think that they already are -- the timing for this couldn't be worse. they are about to enter kandahar that operation has been delayed to change mid course most likely keep lt. general rodriguez his deputy will probably stay this
1:35 am
is a position that has to be confirmed this is a bad time to have to change gears like this. >> greta: jennifer, thank you. nice to see you. everyone is talking about this story so we need your help go to and answer this poll question: should president obama fire general mcchrystal? >> breaking election news. several races around the country. chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in south carolina. what is the news in south carolina? >> reporter: well, nikki haley has just claimed the republican nomination for governor and made history in the process. the first woman to ever be nominated for the gubernatorial nomination in the gop in the palmetto state. so in a runoff the, benefiting gresham barrett four term congressman. two weeks ago they had -- haley fell just short of the 50% necessary to win outright then, she has done so tonight
1:36 am
many she has in the process weathered some tough act fast from within the republican party. allegations of infidelity, questions about her christian faith she converted 13 years ago and raised a sikh that was one of the issues. that she has clearly overcome in this republican primary. there will be more attack. there will be criticism from the democrats. democratic nominee is sheheen. he's a tough social conservative veteran and will be a formidable democratic nominee this is a considerably conservative republican leaning state. nikki haley is favored, but history made tonight. the first woman nominated for the republican nomination for governor. will she win in -- would she win in november, that too would be history. >> greta: hypothetical, she does win in november and she is the governor of south carolina. and then there are two people
1:37 am
who want to be president one is governor romney of massachusetts the other is governor sarah palin of alaska. who does this government throw her weight behind? both of them endorsed her. >> reporter: a delicious scenario. one very much being speculated about considerably. if republicans maintain control of the governor's office in south carolina the first in the primary, nikki haley will be a major kingmaker. everyone recognizes that, as does she. she will be courted. romney was down here last week and endorsed her. sarah palin was one of the first to endorse her. nikki haley is a significant force on the national stage. this state representative elected in 2004 is already talking how she wants to bring fiscal conservatism to states across the country. she is very much the darling of the gop establishment as well as the tea party
1:38 am
conservative movement outside the republican party. as such, may well become something of a challenge to sarah palin's prominence as she likes to say, the top grizzly bear momma in republican politics. nikki haley tonight hilling the national scene. >> greta: who gets it romney or palin? >> reporter: i'm not going there, we a long way to go. nikki haley first has to win the election. the democrat sheheen is not an insignificant candidate. this could still be a very, very tough fight in the palmetto state where they are famous for bear knuckle politics. -- bare-knuckle politics. >> greta: once again only a hypothetical. coming up on the o'reilly factor. >> bill: isn't this mcchrystal story unbelievable? rolling stone magazine may alter the course of the afghan
1:39 am
war? >> greta: we are live until the top of the hour. next, lots of orders. first president obama orders a general to the oval office. a federal judge orders president obama to stop it. stop what? we'll tell you. no, the president can't possibly be happy about in. arizona governor brewer gets a call from president obama. why? why? it is not w w
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>> i'm ainsley earhardt in new york. here's results from top primaries across the country. in utah, republicans picked mike lee over tim bridgewatered as their senate nominee. lee's considered the clear-cut favorite to win in november. and bon bennett was ousted in may. in south carolina, state rep nikki haley clinched the g.o.p. nomination from barrett. she benefitted from tea party support and could be the state's first female state executive. in north carolina, secretary of state elaine marshall wins the democratic nomination, over kile cunningham and will challenge richard burrr in november. we will have more updates in the next hour. we return to "on the record." thanks for watching fox and check out our web site, on the -- >> greta: federal judge orders
1:44 am
president obama to back. as you know after the oil disaster the president put a six month freeze on deep water drilling. today a federal judge struck down the president's drilling ban. the white house is planning an an immediate appeal. joining us ceo of hornbeck services one of the oil companies that sued to have the moratorium overturned. why did you think the president's moratorium on there's something wrong with it? what didn't you like about it? >> this wasn't the right way to go. we've had a big disaster here in the gulf. unprecedented, big accident that is now how this industry operates. a moratorium is not way to fix it. that is going to put tens of thousands of people out of work, destroy the industry and leave the u.s. unsecure. >> greta: terms of the number of rigs the ones deep water 33 is that correct?
1:45 am
>> that is just 33 drilling rigs. there's about 3600 structures in the gulf of mexico. since this industry started drilling over 60 years ago, there's been over 50,000 wells drilled an accident like this has never happened this is just a one-time phenomenon event. and needs to be remedied. shifting down the industry on a moratorium is not a safe way to fix this problem. the judge saw that judge feldman, we want to thank him for expediting the hearing of such importance. even secretary salazar's own specialist said not to do the moratorium. this wasn't the way and the most safe, effective way to approach this problem. >> greta: curious news tonight, secretary of in-- interior sal - will impose a moratorium on deep water drilling i'm not
1:46 am
sure whether he's going to seek to have the order that was determined today reversed or whether this is a new moratorium? i think we will learn more about it tomorrow. what is it that your company does? >> i sure he doesn't do that, because-.msv that's just the sae moratorium. that's playing with semantics. there's thousands of jobs at risk here. he's going to put a lot of people out of work and do more damage than what they've already done. >> greta: what does your company do? >> we have offshore support vessels that help in transporting all the cargoes all the pipe, drilling fluids, everything it takes to dill a well offshore. we are the umbilical cord to the lifeline to that rig. >> greta: how can we be confident that the 33 deep water drills -- wells right now are safe? how can we be confident? >> right after we had the incident here in the gulf,
1:47 am
secretary salazar and the president sent their teams down to investigate every rig out of 33 rigs, a couple of minor infractions on two rigs that were immediately fixed all the others passed with all the safety s -- safety standards that are an glide on these rigs. these been doing these processes for years. this industry has drilled over 600 wells in much deeper depths than what was dilled on this well. like i said this is a one time phenomenon in an event that was an accident. >> greta: i'm hoping you are right a one time phenomenon. a lot of people support you a lot of others are saying that why should we trust the government and their inspecting look at the job they've done so far. it was not just one red flag with this deep water rig there were a couple of red flags and mms seemed to look the other way and corners were cut.
1:48 am
i'll trying to figure out who in the world you can make everyone feel safe until they are rechecked by people perhaps people we have more confidence in? >> i could tell you, if there were any corners cut, i guarantee there won't be any after this incident. all of the -- none of the oil companies want to have a spill no one here is unsafe. we all practice and want to save the environment and protect the environment. i think the track record in the gulf of mexico over the last 60 years proves that so, this moratorium is not the way to make the industry safer. if we should this industry down and all the skilled workers go overseas, highly trained workers, we need to be working to improve our safety systems and to fix the problems. we can't shut an industry down and expect to fix problems. >> greta: we'll be watching. first of all the obama white is going to an order. and this curious statement
1:49 am
about this new moratorium which i don't fully understand but hopefully i will know more tomorrow, thank you good luck. >> it is not a new moratorium, it is the same and we are playing with semantics. i hope he doesn't try that and shut a lot of people out and lose a lot of jobs in this region. >> greta: it may very well be. i have to an mit it is not clear tonight. thanks todd. next the best of the rest. does steve jobs have [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? could be an easily treatable condition called low t. ♪ c'mon, stop living in the shadows. you've got a life to live. [ male announcer ] so don't blame it on aging. go to to find out more. ♪
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. >> greta: here's the best of the rest. rush limbaugh is very rich, very famous and very powerful. so he must be able to get anything he wants, right? apparently not. >> people are getting their iphones today. yes, the official launch date is not until thursday. some people are getting their iphone 4's today. random customers. they are getting them today. a lot of people are reporting that their fedex tracking information shows delivery tomorrow. here i sit, a powerful influential member of the media, and my hands are empty.
1:54 am
>> no iphone 4. i'm not gonna get mine tomorrow! i'm not -- i couldn't get in. remember, i spent all day here during the program at home i have three other people, people trying to order on the website, it didn't happen. >> greta: president obama just called arizona governor brewer. did they have a long talk about arizona's illegal immigration law? no. did the president tell her how many national guard troops he's sending to arizona? no. did they talk about whether the feds are suing arizona? no, that didn't come up either. president obama called for an update about wildfires burning in arizona. he promised the governor the federal government is going to help arizona fight the fires. as for news about illegal immigration, to be continued. >> finally the story you have been waiting for all night.
1:55 am
the naked cowboy and the naked cowgirl are slugging it out. if you have walked through times square you have seen the famous naked cowboy a guy who plays the guitar wearing only a cowboy hat and underwear. it is a great gig. so great the naked cowboy just got competition the naked cowgirl a former stripper who wears a red, white and blue cowboy hat and matching bikini. the naked cowboy sent a cease and desist order to the cowgirl. he said if she wants to copy his act she needs to sign a franchise agreement. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, rumors are plying about rahm emanuel and his future at the white house tonight. did you hear the big news? you will if you stay right here. here. we'll be back in
1:56 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. there are huge rumors about a white house insider and plans for the future. >> big political news today. it's rumored president obama's chief of staff will leave the white house at the end of the year. he says work is important, but he wants to spend more time screaming at his family. >> ouch. and that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. and vote now, greta


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